Hand Atlas uses text from Gray’s Anatomy formed into images creating layers of the human hand. It starts with the Surface anatomy, then Veins; Fasciae and Muscle; and Bones. By making the image out of text it makes a new relationships between the form and content.

In Grey’s Anatomy the scientific illustration the body text is separate. The layers of the hand is a quote by Carl Sagan talking about science and spirituality. Sagan’s words help to connect the text+image to an excitement about learning.

Using small text to create images has it’s origins in micrography in Jewish manuscripts where religious text would be entwined to form religious figure without breaking laws forbidding graven images.

19 3/4” x 14 3/4” – Opalux paper by Canson – Bodoni Italic and Bodoni Book Italic – edition of two – Letterpress printed on Agnes in the SAIC Type Shop. a huge thanks to Cathie, Ashely, and Ciel for their guidance and patience, and thank you to the Starshaped Press for their detailed blog which was helpful in understanding how to use a custom jig to hold type. Text and illustration taken from the 1978 reprinting of the 1901 Gray’s Anatomy and final quote from Carl Sagan.

Hand Atlas - Detail

Hand Atlas - Clam Shell

Hand Atlas - Type Jig